Teamwork is an integral part of daily patient care activities, and the pharmacist is a vital member of the team. The teaching environment at UAB Medicine fosters learning and active participation in the process. We do not have a division distinction between "clinical" and "non-clinical" pharmacists.

All pharmacists perform clinical roles whether direct or indirect to provide high quality patient care. Teamwork in the Department of Pharmacy doesn't just exist between pharmacy practitioners, teamwork is expected and present among pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, physicians and other health care professionals. It takes a team to heal a patient.

“We have a very dynamic department with a host of highly-skilled practitioners and technicians providing excellence in pharmaceutical care. Our core purpose is taking personal responsibility for identifying, resolving and preventing drug-related problems in the patients we serve.”- Chief Pharmacy Officer, Mark W. Todd, PharmD, MSHA, FASHP