Employment Verification

For employers needing to verify the employment or medical staff affiliation for current and past employees or practitioners at a UAB Medicine entity, please see the list below:

Verification Contacts:

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) campus and UAB Hospital LLC employment verification – obtain from UAB HR Records
  • University of Alabama Health Services Foundation (UAHSF), University of Alabama Ophthalmology Services Foundation (OSF), and UAB Health System employment verification – obtain by email request
  • UAB Heersink School of Medicine
  • UAB medical staff affiliation verification – obtain with an affiliation verification letter
  • Professional liability confirmation – obtain by email request
  • Provider certificate of insurance requests – obtain by email request

Important Information About These Requests:

  • Verification of employment and medical staff affiliation will only include dates of employment or affiliation and the position or medical staff category.
  • The UAB Medical & Dental Staff Office does not provide patient activity, volume, or case listings. Contact practitioners directly for this information. (They can work with their current or former executive administrator to obtain this information).
  • The UAB Medical & Dental Staff Office does not routinely provide peer review or peer reference information. Please contact the practitioner directly to request contact information for peer reference requests.

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