UAB Callahan Eye

UAB Callahan Eye

1720 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35233

For nearly 60 years, UAB Callahan Eye Hospital has focused on delivering innovative eye care and pioneering breakthroughs in the preservation and restoration of eyesight. We have been recognized internationally and nationally for outstanding patient care, treatment of eye trauma, and crucial research in eye disease. Our outstanding services and accomplishments include:

  • One of the few facilities in the world entirely dedicated to advancements in ophthalmology
  • One of the busiest eye care centers in the nation
  • One of only two Level 1 Ocular Trauma Centers in the United States with a 24/7 eye emergency department
  • The only dedicated facility in Alabama specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of the eye
  • 16 dedicated operating rooms which support more than 11,000 eye surgeries annually
  • Award-winning patient care, having earned prestigious Press Ganey awards in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018
  • Named in 2017 as one of the “100 Great Places to Work in Healthcare” by Becker’s Hospital Review
  • Pioneering developments in surgical instrumentation, devices, and procedures used by ophthalmologists around the world
  • Home to a comprehensive eye research program and the state’s only accredited ophthalmology training program provided by the UAB Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
  • Our organization is sensory inclusive™ certified through KultureCity.

Care Providers

Elise Agostinelli, OD Elise Agostinelli, OD Optometry, Pediatrics Michael Albert, Jr., MD Michael Albert, Jr., MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Anne Marie Arciniegas-Bernal, MD Anne Marie Arciniegas-Bernal, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology Carson Bee, MD Carson Bee, MD Cataract and Refractive Disease, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma Sarah Berry, OD, MS Sarah Berry, OD, MS Optometry Waid Blackstone, MD Waid Blackstone, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Mike Callahan, MD Mike Callahan, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Jeff Chaiprakob, MD Jeff Chaiprakob, MD Cataract and Refractive Disease, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Cornea and External Diseases Joy Chuang, OD Joy Chuang, OD Optometry Martin Cogen, MD Martin Cogen, MD Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus Dawn DeCarlo, OD Dawn DeCarlo, OD Optometry Parisa Dudley, OD Parisa Dudley, OD Optometry Richard Feist, MD Richard Feist, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Priscilla Fowler, MD Priscilla Fowler, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Marcela Frazier, OD, MSPH Marcela Frazier, OD, MSPH Optometry, Pediatrics Chris Girkin, MD Chris Girkin, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Pediatric Glaucoma Tyler Hall, MD Tyler Hall, MD Cataract and Refractive Disease, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Cornea and External Diseases D. Wade Joiner, MD D. Wade Joiner, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma Lanning Kline, MD Lanning Kline, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Hogan Knox, MD Hogan Knox, MD Cataract and Refractive Disease, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma Michelle Langkawel, OD Michelle Langkawel, OD Optometry Marissa Locy, OD Marissa Locy, OD Optometry Virginia Lolley, MD Virginia Lolley, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology John Mason, III, MD John Mason, III, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Andrew Mays, MD Andrew Mays, MD Glaucoma Cecil McCollum, MD Cecil McCollum, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology John Morgan, MD John Morgan, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology Krupa Patel, MD Krupa Patel, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus Russell Read, MD Russell Read, MD Uveitis Zachary Reynard Zachary Reynard Optometry Carol Rosenstiel, OD  Carol Rosenstiel, OD Optometry Brian Samuels, MD, PhD  Brian Samuels, MD, PhD Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma Carrie Smith, OD  Carrie Smith, OD Optometry Jason Swanner, MD  Jason Swanner, MD Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma Kayla Thomason, OD Kayla Thomason, OD Optometry Tim Thompson, OD  Tim Thompson, OD Optometry Michael Vaphiades, DO  Michael Vaphiades, DO Neuro-Ophthalmology
Callahan Community Physicians

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital is supported by private-practice physicians who perform surgery at our facility. To see a listing of these physicians and their location, please click here »

Clinics and Organizations at UAB Callahan Eye
Clinics and Organizations at UAB Callahan EyeFloorPhone Number
Alabama Lions International State OfficeB205.933.9288
Alabama Lions Sight Conservation AssociationB205.325.8519
International Retinal Research Foundation(IRRF)1205.325.8103
UAB Callahan Eyewear 1205.325.8227
Lions Eye Clinic1205.325.8555
UAB Callahan Eye Hospital Pharmacy4205.325.8580
UAB Callahan Eye Hospital Laser Center3205.325.8222
UAB Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation4205.488.0736
UAB Callahan Eye Hospital Clinics2, 4, 6205.325.8620
Cox Ocular Prosthetics4205.939.1990
John Parker, MD5205.933.1077
Veterans Affairs Eye Clinic5205.933.4395
Retina Consultants of Alabama7205.918.0047


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