UAB Medicine Wayfinder App


Discover a better health care experience with the Bluetooth-enabled UAB Medicine Wayfinder app. The first step to getting you in and around UAB Medicine.

What is UAB Medicine Wayfinder?

UAB Medicine Wayfinder is our customized navigation application that makes finding and reaching locations in and around the UAB Medicine campus much easier. This free app provides step-by-step directions with functionality similar to Google Maps, enabling patients and their families, guests, and staff to reach destinations with ease and reliability, anywhere on the medical campus.

In addition to maps and directions, Wayfinder also provides travel and parking planning features, lists of amenities such as gift shops, guest services, or dining options, directories of providers, urgent care clinics, and inpatient units, and other resources.

Wayfinder is available in a mobile version for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices as well as a web version for desktop use. Within the medical campus, only a Bluetooth connection is needed to use the app, which also features voice guidance if needed. The desktop version provides the capability to print paper directions.

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