Why UAB Pharmacy

At UAB Medicine, you can work in an ambulatory setting, caring for patients once they are discharged, or in acute care, preparing lifesaving drugs during a code. There is a place for everyone, and the opportunities are endless. Our acute care practitioners are unit-based and patient-focused, practicing in a variety of subspecialties, and our ambulatory care practice is anchored by ambulatory pharmacies and pharmacy-managed clinics. Support for acute and ambulatory care is provided through our Therapeutic Policy Management, Education and Development, and Pharmacy Informatics teams. Each practice area is specialized and sub-specialized to serve the needs of our diverse patient populations. No matter where you practice, you’ll work with advanced new medicines in state-of-the-art facilities, with all the support you need.

Training and Support

As a newly hired pharmacy department staff member, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to our pharmacy practice and approximately six weeks of orientation, both in an instructional setting as well as in patient care. Aside from working under the guidance and leadership of a supervisor, you’ll also have peer support, allowing you to share information and utilize one another as resources. As you gain exposure to various aspects of our pharmacy department, you’ll develop a better understanding of how areas are connected and how each employee is individually supported.

Flexible Scheduling

Several different scheduling options are available at UAB. Leadership in the department recognizes the importance of family time and other activities away from work. Options may include: full-time, part-time, day shift, evening shift, night shift, 7 on/7 off, and swing shifts.

Peer Support

Peer support is essential to the success of UAB’s pharmacy practice. Because we share information, employees utilize each other as resources in an effort to provide the best possible care. Among the pharmacy employees throughout the different areas, there is an implicit understanding of how each area is intricately connected and employees are supported.

Practitioners are recognized for working with particular populations and are contacted by their colleagues to assist in answering area specific questions. The Therapeutic Drug Policy Specialists support the pharmaceutical care efforts of pharmacy practitioners. Pharmacists consult each other with area specific questions. Teamwork and a supportive environment are crucial to our success in providing excellent care to individual patient needs.

Professional Development

UAB Pharmacists are afforded many professional development opportunities. Pharmacists at UAB are highly respected patient care providers and problem solvers. If a pharmacist is not available for a service you often hear the question, “Where is my pharmacist?” Throughout their career, pharmacists at UAB have the unique opportunity to hold many different positions with the same degree and license.

Professional development opportunities include:

  • Faculty recognition program for Preceptors
  • Specialized Practice Areas
  • Supervising Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Support and funding to professional meetings and programs
  • Teaching Opportunities for advanced Pharm.D. candidates, PGY1 and PGY2 residents
Career Advancement

We offer many opportunities for advancement within the department, where you can begin as a student and work your way into leadership positions later. You decide the path you want, and we’ll help you get there.

Continuing Education

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at UAB Medicine have many continuing education (CE) opportunities throughout the year, including many that offer live CE hours on site with no fee. Speakers include other pharmacists, physicians, and other health care professionals, providing a forum that focuses on better care for our patients and promotes sharing of information among practitioners and preceptors.

Pharmacy Technician Job Opportunities

Pharmacy technicians are essential team members in every setting and assist the pharmacists in providing safe, timely, and compassionate patient care. Learn more about this career opportunity.

Areas of Practice

Pharmacy practice at UAB Medicine is stimulating, challenging, satisfying, and never routine. Every day UAB pharmacists take a hands-on approach, sharing information and working across disciplines to identify, treat, and prevent drug-related problems in the patients we serve. It’s a dynamic, patient-centered environment where highly-skilled practitioners are a valued information source for clinicians and nurses. They are respected for their knowledge and abilities and are a vital part of the care team. UAB pharmacists rely on each other to monitor and adjust medications, develop therapeutic plans for a wide range of patient needs, improve quality, and save lives. It’s a different way of thinking about patient care, and a different way of thinking about pharmacy.

The UAB Department of Pharmacy consists of an extensive inpatient practice, outpatient care, and an informatics and regulatory affairs area. Each division is specialized and sub-specialized serving the needs of our diverse patient populations. Teamwork is expected and you won’t find a more collaborative team of pharmacists and technicians. Everyone works together to provide high-quality care, because it takes a team to heal a patient.

Acute Care

UAB Hospital Pharmacy Acute Care Services supports adult and neonatal patients in over 50 patient care units, including ten intensive care units, where pharmacists are considered medication experts in specialty areas. The central pharmacy serves as the hub of the automated inventory system, creating a seamless link between prescribers entering orders and our decentralized pharmacists verifying order accuracy. The Investigational Drug Service supports research efforts, establishes ambulatory protocols, and assists with planning and executing clinical trials.

  • Central Pharmacy
  • Decentral Pharmacy
  • Investigational Drug Service
Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Pharmacy Services are offered in many of the specialty clinics at UAB Hospital and The Kirklin Clinic at UAB Hospital, such as Transplant, Hematology/Oncology, HIV, Hepatology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Infusion Therapy, and Neurology. Pharmacists in these areas are considered the medication experts within these specialties, working in conjunction with four outpatient pharmacies and a home infusion pharmacy to meet the needs of both patients and providers. Pharmacy practitioners in these ambulatory areas may provide lifelong care for patients with chronic conditions, allowing them to develop lasting relationships.

  • Highlands Apothecary
  • University Medical Center Pharmacy
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • The Kirklin Clinic Pharmacy
  • Ambulatory Infusion Therapy
Pharmacy Informatics & Regulatory Affairs

Therapeutic Policy Management directs clinicians with regard to drug evaluations, utilization, and guidelines. Pharmacy Informatics plays a critical role in the building, testing, education, and support of our computerized physician order entry system (CPOE), as well as our automated medication management system (AMMS).

  • Informatics
  • Education & Development
  • Therapeutic Policy Management

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