Nursing Shifts & Scheduling Options

UAB Medicine offers nurses a variety of shifts and schedules that fit your lifestyle, support your work/life balance, and allow you to adjust your work schedule as your life changes. Also, self-scheduling is offered on most of our inpatient units. Between our inpatient and outpatient nursing roles, there are numerous day shift and night shift options available, including:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Flexi/PRN
  • Temporary
  • Student positions that work with your nursing school schedule
  • Weekends* – Baylor shift and weekend incentive nurse (WIN) options

*UAB Medicine now offers Baylor shifts and WIN options for weekend shifts. Details about each are listed below:

  • Weekend hours are defined as shifts starting at the Friday PM shift and running through the Sunday PM shift.
  • Includes RN, ANM, RN oncology, RN procedure, and LPN job titles (subject to change)
  • Offered on all 50+ inpatient units and in procedure areas
  • Available to new and experienced nurses as well as current employees
Baylor Shift
  • Work 24 weekend hours and get paid for 36 hours.
  • Paid at base rate with a shift differential
Weekend Incentive Nurse (WIN)
  • Choose one of two schedule options:
    • 24 total hours – weekend shifts
    • 36 total hours – 24 hours (minimum) on the weekend and one additional shift
  • Paid at base rate with a shift differential, plus an additional $8 per hour for weekend hours
  • Provides more flexibility in the days worked each week

If you have questions about weekend options and the benefits of each, please contact your recruiter.

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