Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will insurance companies pay for the services of Critical Care Transport?
A: Most major commercial insurance companies will cover 50 to 80 percent if “medical necessity” terms are met. However, persons should check with their insurance company to discuss individual coverage.

Q: What about Medicare Coverage?
A: For medicare to cover ground/air transport, a patient must be in a condition that would justify the need for transport. “Medical necessity” must be established. In addition, for maximum coverage, Medicare requires that the patient be transported to the “nearest appropriate facility.”

Q: How does CCT determine to fly or drive a patient for transport?
A: Generally, patients within 100 to 150 miles radius of Birmingham will be driven from one facility to another. The patients outside of the 125 mile radius will usually be flown from the referring facility to the receiving facility.

Q: Will Critical Care Transport move a patient to a hospital other that UAB? 
A: Yes. However, for patients to be transported to a facility other than UAB, payment must be secured prior to the transport. We can bill the insurance of most patients who have Medicare or Blue Cross. Certified check, VISA, Master Card, Discover, or American Express can be used. Persons should ask the transport coordinator if their hospital or company has an agreement with CCT, as many do. If this agreement exists, then the requirements for pre-payment will be waived. Some insurance companies, with prior arrangements, will allow CCT to bill the insurance company directly.

Q. Do you have a service available if you are traveling in the U.S. or abroad, become sick or injured and want to get back home?
A. Yes. Critical Care Transport works with AirMed Intl. to provide these repatriation services for an annual fee. You may call (205) 443-4840 or go to for more information and to obtain your membership instantly.

We understand that you may have additional questions. Please feel free to contact the Critical Care Transport Coordinator at 1-800-822-6478 to have these questions answered.

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