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What is Provider Based?

You may have heard the terms “provider based” or “hospital-based outpatient.” This basically means that a clinic has become an outpatient department of UAB Hospital. It is common for outpatient clinics to be a part of the hospital. Most other academic medical centers are organized this way; in fact, several of our clinics already operate as hospital outpatient clinics, including our trauma clinic and infusion center.

Here are several resources that may help answer some of your questions about what this means to you, our patient.

Hospital-Based Outpatient Patient Brochure Download PDF
Hospital-Based Outpatient Frequently Asked Questions Download PDF
Hospital-Based Outpatient Frequently Asked Questions About Billing Download PDF

We are committed to helping you understand these changes and how they will impact you.

If you have additional questions please call our customer service representatives at 205-731-6055 or 1-866-610-6055 between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

They can assist you over the phone or if you prefer to discuss in person, they’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with a patient financial counselor.

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