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Promotional items can be anything from a T-shirt or pen to any other giveaway, whether or not it includes UAB Medicine marks. All UAB Medicine departments that use the names, marks, logos, and/or symbols of UAB Medicine for any merchandise, apparel, or promotional items – whether for fundraising or publicity – are required to purchase from licensed vendors.

T-shirt Approval Request

If you are planning to order T-shirts for an event or professional observance please complete the request form.

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Step 1: Select an Approved Vendor

Any product or item that uses a UAB Medicine mark must be produced by a licensed vendor. In addition, promotional items must be sourced from the approved suppliers. The list of approved vendors can be found here.

Step 2: Design & Art Production

An art proof from the vendor or the design file must be submitted to UAB Medicine Marketing & Communications via the Marketing Approval Form before an order can be placed.

UAB Medicine
Art Sheet
Brand Guidelines

The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Brand Guidelines

Step 3: Submit Approval Form

Complete the Marketing Approval Form in full. You will be required to upload a PDF of your design.
Marketing Approval Form

Step 4: Review by UAB Medicine Marketing & Communications

The request will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Usage of licensed vendor(s)
  • Usage of approved UAB contract vendor(s)
  • Marks are not altered, obscured, or distorted in any way and are displayed with correct registration designations
  • Context of usage is in accordance with UAB and UAB Medicine brand and legal Guidelines.

Step 5: Approval Granted or Denied

Following the completion of the review, requestors will be notified within three business days whether their requested use has been approved or denied. If the requested use is approved, an email will be sent to the requestor.

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