Our Mission and Scope of Care

spiritual health mission & scope of care

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer compassionate, professional spiritual care in the hospital and outpatient clinic for patients, family members, significant others, and employees at UAB. We carry out our mission through three channels of ministry:

Building Relationships – We visit one-on-one with patients, family members, and employees in the hospital and outpatient settings.

Providing Education – We provide education in the community through Psychosocial Spiritual Grand Rounds, Schwartz Grand Rounds, worship/prayer services in the hospital, and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to train future pastoral caregivers.

Developing Research – We want to measure the effectiveness of what we do with you as a patient, family member, or employee.



We are available to visit with you and other important people in your life around the clock during your stay at UAB Hospital, or when visiting The Kirklin or Whitaker Clinic.

Whether you feel discouraged or afraid, frustrated or grateful, it usually helps to have someone to talk to who allows you to feel whatever you’re feeling, and to walk alongside you.  We listen and offer hope as we support you in your spiritual journey.

Also, if you need special prayers, a free copy of your holy Scriptures, sacraments, or other special needs, we can provide these items as well as connect you with your clergy from your congregation, or someone from your same faith background.

Where We Are

Our offices are located on the first floor in the West Pavilion of UAB Hospital next to the Interfaith Chapel and Patient Discharge Area.  Our Department is open M-F, 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (CST), and we always have Chaplains available in the hospital.  It may be easier for us to come to you.

How to Reach Us (any of the following)

  • Ask any nurse or UAB employee to contact a Chaplain for you.
  • Call *55 from any hospital phone and ask them to page the “Chaplain On Call” to your number.
  • Call UAB Paging at 205.934.3411, and ask to page the “Chaplain On Call.”
  • Call UAB Pastoral Care’s office directly 205.934.4254 between 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., M-F. 
  • Email: For non-urgent matters email Rev. Vic Dippenaar – Senior Director Spiritual Health:jdippenaar@uabmc.edu

UAB Spiritual Health supports UAB Hospital Employees through one-one-one meetings as well as large and small groups tailored to your needs.


  • One-on-One: Sometimes you need to talk with someone confidentially due to life transitions in your personal or professional life. A Chaplain is available to listen to you on your hospital unit or in our office. You may page the On Call Chaplain by calling UAB Paging at 205-934-3411.
  • In-Service Training: A Chaplain can lead small group education sessions for your hospital unit on improving patient satisfaction in emotional and spiritual support, self-care, dealing with grief, compassion fatigue, and many other topics. Ask the chaplain assigned to your unit, or call 205-934-4254, or email chaplains@uab.edu
  • Celebration of Life Services: Since UAB is Alabama’s largest employer with over 18,000 employees, sometimes one of our co-workers dies and we want to honor them with our colleagues. A special service can be planned that is appropriate for the situation. Ask the chaplain assigned to your unit, or call 205-934-4254, or use the Contact Us form.

Interfaith chapels for private prayer and meditation are available on the 1st floor of the West Pavilion, the 2nd floor of the Women & Infants Center, and the 4th floor of UAB Hospital-Highlands. A sanctuary for meditation and prayer is located on the 2nd floor of the North Pavilion.

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