UAB Medicine Addiction Recovery Services

UAB Medicine Addiction Recovery: Addiction Can Affect Anyone

UAB Medicine Addiction Recovery Services

The UAB Medicine Addiction Recovery Program offers an individualized approach to assessing and treating alcohol and substance use disorder. Our staff features licensed and certified counselors and social workers who work individually and in groups with patients to provide thoughtful, caring treatment for addiction. We offer confidential evaluations to discuss the inpatient and outpatient treatment options available through our program. Our admissions counselor will meet with you personally to determine the best level of care to meet your needs.

About UAB Medicine Addiction Recovery Services

Our core Intensive Outpatient Program includes daily group therapy, education, family sessions, weekly individual therapy sessions, psychological and psychiatric evaluations as needed, and a follow-up care plan to help you remain sober after the initial treatment. The UAB Medicine Addiction Recovery Program offers a proven way to overcome addiction and take back control of your life using a judgment-free approach and a personalized treatment plan.

There are many reasons to choose the UAB Medicine Addiction Recovery Program.

Experts in addiction medicine. Our counseling staff and physicians have many years of experience treating both the medical and psychological sides of addiction. Unlike at some alcohol and substance use disorder programs, our staff combines knowledge and skills from a wide range of areas, including spirituality, social work, communication, sexual abuse, grief, and trauma. This approach to rehab creates a strong support network for each patient and allows us to tailor our treatment plans to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Personalized, partnered care. We believe in collaborating with our patients to help get them on the road to recovery. You will partner with your counselor to determine the type of therapy that best suits your situation.

One of the nation’s top medical centers. We are part of a major academic medical center, one of the largest in the region and among the most respected in the country. Our patients have access to the collective knowledge and experience of more than 1,300 expert physicians in 35 medical fields, including psychology and psychiatry.

Extended care for the whole family. Addiction affects everyone connected to the person with a substance use disorder. We offer family workshops, individual family sessions, and an ongoing weekly support group to help loved ones heal as the patient moves into recovery.

Programs for professionals. We believe in individualized care. People at different stages of life can have very different needs in treatment. One important way we customize our care is by providing unique rehab services tailored to working professionals.

Specialty care for grief and trauma. Trauma and grief often go hand in hand with addiction. Developing coping skills to deal with these issues is often an important part of staying clean and sober. We offer specialty groups, individual sessions, and techniques such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to help patients address painful issues and move forward in their recovery.

Skills-based approach. People enter treatment hoping to make big and long-lasting changes. They want hope and compassion but also real life skills they can take with them. We teach you skills that help you navigate the real world successfully. We pull from many proven approaches to help you develop and practice the skills that you identify as important to your success in recovery and in life.

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