UAB Russell Clinic

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UAB Russell Clinic

1813 6th Avenue South
1st Floor Russell Wing University Hospital
Birmingham, AL 35233

The UAB Russell Clinic is a patient-focused outpatient clinic that provides several types of advanced specialty care in an environment that promotes safe and effective healing. It is staffed by experienced specialists who provide services related to general and orthopaedic trauma, burns, and wounds that don’t heal easily.

Trauma Clinics
Your trauma care does not end upon discharge from the hospital. Our trauma surgery outpatient clinics provide post-hospital follow-up care for patients who were treated by the hospital trauma team. Our General Trauma, Orthopaedic Trauma, Burn Trauma, and Acute Care Surgery clinics ensure that your medical needs continue to be met on an outpatient basis.

Wound Care
The UAB Comprehensive Wound Care Clinic is led by a team of physicians, nurses, and technicians who specialize in treating chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. This includes hyperbaric oxygen treatment, which involves delivering 100% oxygen in a high-pressure chamber. Click here to learn more about wound care.


Patients with Limitations and Pre-Admission Patients

Those with walking limitations can be dropped off and picked up at a variety of locations. The most common quick drop off and pick up locations are at the West Pavilion entrance on 6th Avenue South between 18th and 19th Streets, the North Pavilion entrance located on 6th Avenue South between 18th and 19th Streets South, and the Spain Wallace entrance located on 19th Street South between 6th and 7th Avenues South.

Deck Parking

The 4th Avenue Deck is the main parking deck for guests and patients. The entrance to the deck is at the corner of 4th Avenue South and 18th Street South. You will enter the North Pavilion on the 2nd floor of the parking deck.

Persons who require wheelchair assistance may inform staff stationed on the second floor in the Sky Lobby.


Parking will be validated for all Russell Clinic patients.

Note: Please remember to take your ticket with you when you leave your car. You will need it to pay for parking before returning to your car. Bring your personal wheelchairs if possible to help minimize waiting for transportation.

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