Social Media Commenting Policy

UAB Medicine is excited that you have decided to join us as a fan or follower on one of our social media sites (blogs, Facebook, YouTube, X etc.). Your participation helps build and connect the community of UAB Medicine patients, friends, families and employees.

We aim to foster an environment of mutual respect and civility while discussing matters that can be fun and exciting, but sometimes delicate. To that end, we hope you’ll understand our commenting policy with regards to public-facing sites wherein UAB Medicine is responsible for moderation of comments posted. e.g. the UAB Facebook wall, comments on blog posts and replies to YouTube videos.

Here’s what the comment areas of UAB Medicine’s social media sites are:
1. A forum for sharing your experience and connecting to other members of the UAB Medicine family for guidance and support.
2. A resource for connecting you to the many resources of the UAB Medicine website to help you learn about our services and facilities. Sharing ideas on new support services or ways to improve the patient experience.

Here’s what the comment areas of UAB Medicine’s social media sites are not:
1. A place to diagnosis and treat a medical condition
2. A forum for continued personal attacks on an individual or entity of UAB Medicine.
3. Posting commercial products or links aimed at UAB Medicine’s followers.

By commenting (post) on a social media site (site) maintained by UAB Medicine, you give UAB Medicine the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and use your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media. You also agree that you will not:

1. Post any copyrighted material on the site that infringes on the rights of any third party.
2. Post unlawful or obscene content both in your posts or links you provide on the site.
3. Post advertisements for products, events, services, organizations on the site.1
4. Post continuous complaints, allegations or threats regarding UAB Medicine physicians, staff or locations on the site. 2
5. Post spam consisting of the same or similar comment repeatedly.
6. Post anything that does not relate to the public interest and is deemed to be unsuitable by the moderators of the site.

UAB Medicine reserves the right to remove any posts and block users at our discretion, regardless of the above guidelines.

1 – Users may share links to UAB-sponsored events, related organizations, support groups etc. The validity of such postings will be determined by the moderators.
2 – If a user posts a complaint or concern, UAB Medicine will address the concern and leave the original post, with our response, online. However, follow up posts regarding the same topic will be removed.

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