Community Network

The Community Network represents the Health System’s relationship with hospitals across the state and region.

Affiliate of UAB Health System

Health Care or University Authorities managed by UAB Health System. At these affiliate locations, UABHS provides senior executives and board oversight to improve operations. We work closely with the affiliates to leverage our strengths in a cooperative way, working together to reduce cost and improve the delivery of care in their respective communities. In return, the affiliate contributes to the academic mission of the UAB Health System, supporting our educational mission.

Current Affiliates:

Member of UAB Health System

Health Care Authorities or Non-Profit Entities who contract with UAB Health System for certain management and administrative services. At these member locations, UABHS engages in strategic collaborations with the facility regarding clinical and non-clinical opportunities for improvement. Senior executives and board oversight remains at the local level with UABHS participation in governance through representation on the board of directors. In return, the member pays a management fee or percentage of income.

Current Members:

Associate of UAB Health System Community Network

(Programmatic Relationship)

At these associate locations, UABHS and the local facility explore joint clinical or administrative initiatives on an as-needed basis. Senior executives and board oversight remain under the control of the local hospital. UAB Health System does not have a management or governance role.

Current Associates:

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