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What insurance does UAB accept?


What insurance does UAB accept?


You will be asked for your insurance information when you seek service at each UAB Medicine facility, including UAB Hospital, University Emergency Department, and The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital. Specialists are available to guide you through your concerns about insurance and billing.

Billing and Insurance for UAB Hospital

If You Stay in the Hospital:
During the first 24 hours in the hospital, you can expect a visit from the Admissions Coordinator. The Admissions Coordinator works with the Patient Financial Services Department. The Admissions Coordinator will answer your questions about your insurance and hospital bill when they visit you in the hospital.

Hospital Program Options:
There are many programs that may help you to pay your hospital bill, if you qualify.  To find if there is a program that is right for you, the Admissions Coordinator will talk with you about your income and your needs.

Private Room Charges:
Most insurance companies will pay for a patient to stay in a semi-private (shared) room. Most insurance companies do not pay for a patient to stay in a private room. If you want a private hospital room, you must pay the extra charge for a private room.

Emergency Room Charges:
When you come to the University Emergency Department (UED), you will be sent to an area called "triage." In triage, a nurse will talk to you and examine you to decide what medical care you need. You will receive a bill for being seen in triage.

Next, you will sign-in to be seen in the UED. You will need to show two pieces of identification. You will be asked for information like your name, address, and insurance. A doctor will see you and decide whether you need to stay in the hospital or can be treated and sent home. If you stay in the hospital, all costs for your UED visit will be added to your hospital bill. If you are sent home, you will be sent a bill for UED services. A separate bill will be sent for the UED Physician charges.

Billing and Insurance for The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital
As of March 1st, 2014 The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital became an outpatient department of UAB Hospital. For more information on that transition and what it means to patients, please visit our  hospital-based outpatient information page.  

The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital accepts most forms of insurance; however, check with us to make sure that your particular coverage is approved. When you visit, please bring the proper insurance identification cards so that we can submit your claims to your insurance company. If you are required to file personally for your company's insurance, we will provide you with all necessary forms to file your own claim. When your visit is completed, you will be expected to pay any charges that will not be reimbursed by insurance (e.g. co-payments and deductibles), unless you have made prior arrangements with one of our financial counselors. Because your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company, it is your responsibility to obtain any physician referral precertification that your insurance company requires in order for your visit to be covered.

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