UAB Medicine

Cosmetic Dermatology Services at UAB can help you look your best at any age. Whether you want to firm, smooth or clear up your skin, our fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologist offers the latest treatment options for a healthier and more youthful you.


We offer several procedures that tighten and firm up soft spots. Liposonix uses focused ultrasound to remove fat around the waistline. This non-invasive treatment takes one hour and can reduce the waistline one pant size. Thermage tightens skin with radio waves that travel deep into the skin to tighten collagen around the cheeks, eyelids, stomach, and upper arms. Best of all, this noninvasive procedure requires no recovery time. Tumescent liposculpture gently reshapes and removes fat from those areas resistant to diet and exercise. Soft tissue fillers help enhance skin’s fullness around the face and neck.


Botox helps relax the muscles that can cause wrinkles and creases on the face, smoothing out fine lines. If your skin has been damaged by the sun, laser skin resurfacing using the Fraxel laser can help remove sunspots to improve lines and wrinkles. Laser hair removal painlessly eliminates unwanted hair anywhere on the body.


Up to 90 percent of spider veins at the surface of your skin can be removed using Sclerotherapy. Rosacea and angiomas, along with other blemishes caused by blood vessels close to the skin, can be cleared up with VBeam laser treatments. Larger skin blemishes, like lesions, birthmarks, sunspots, and tattoos can be treated using photorejuvenation technology.