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Spain Rehabilitation Center

Spain Rehabilitation Center (SRC) is a specialty hospital connected to UAB Hospital. It houses a 49 bed (all private) inpatient rehab facility as well as outpatient therapy and MD services. SRC is a multidisciplinary treatment facility promoting team a approach between OT/PT/ST/RT, psychology, nursing, physicians and support staff. The overall goal at SRC is to promote the optimal level of function in each patient so that he or she can return home. SRC offers a wide range of nationally recognized programs for inpatient and outpatient therapies and MD services. Spain Rehab is one of only 14 spinal cord injury model systems and one of 16 traumatic brain injury model systems in the nation.

Patient Population:
Inpatient Therapy: For admittance to SRC, a person must be able to tolerate a minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day and also require medical management and nursing rehabilitation services. All rooms for inpatient rehab are private and family is strongly encouraged to stay and participate in all aspects of the rehabilitation program. Each patient, upon admission, is assigned to a therapy team with whom they primarily work with during their stay. Therapy is provided 6 of 7 days per week and generally on a 1:1 basis. Diagnoses treated include spinal cord injury, traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, stroke, orthopedic, trauma, musculoskeletal, other neurological diagnoses, amputation and general debility.

Outpatient Therapy: Each person upon referral from a physician is scheduled for an evaluation for each therapy prescribed. Therapy sessions are typically one hour in length with each discipline and can range from 1-5 times per week. OT/PT/ST and audiology are all available and Spain Rehab therapists work closely with the referring physicians to ensure optimal outcomes for each person. Refer to the Outpatient Therapy Services  page for more information.

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