Weight Loss Medicine

Weight Loss Medicine

healthy dinner option for eating healthier during the holidays
December 6, 2023

Tips for healthier eating during the holidays

The holiday season often serves up more calories than we normally consume, thanks to family dinners, party spreads, and game-day get-togethers. So, health experts suggest easing back on weight loss plans during the holidays and concentrating on weight maintenance instead. These tips from UAB Weight Loss Medicine may help: Talk with an expert: Many people […]
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photo of couple eating salad
March 13, 2023

The Pros and Cons of Today’s Most Popular Diets

Rapid weight-loss diets may produce quick results, but most are hard to stick to over time, so the pounds often come back. Some can also be unhealthy – especially diets that limit important nutrients by restricting certain food groups. Experts say that safe, lasting weight loss involves realistic long-term goals, watching calories, and getting nutrients from all of the food groups.
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Caucasian female in grocery store reading food label
March 2, 2023

Understanding Nutrition Labels Is Important for a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet requires making informed choices about food, and nutrition facts labels contain information needed to make those choices. The following information may help you better understand nutrition labels and make your food shopping smarter and easier.
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woman smiling while managing portion sizes of salad to maintain a healthy diet
March 21, 2022

Managing Portion Sizes Helps Maintain a Healthy Diet

If you are watching your diet, you probably know that how much you eat is as important as what you eat. The challenge is figuring out how much is “much”, because you may be eating more than you think you are. The good news is that understanding and managing food portions can help you solve this problem.
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Fad Diets
June 28, 2021

Diet Plans: The Best One for You Is One You Can Stick To

Losing weight is a challenge, but choosing a diet that fits your lifestyle and gets results can be difficult, too. Many popular diets may help with fast weight loss in the short term, but each has risks, and some are more effective than others in the long term.
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Female in yellow apron scrolling through iPad while handling vegetables in a kitchen
December 15, 2020

Knowing the Basics Makes Weight-Loss Resolutions Easier

For New Year’s resolutions related to losing weight, the first concern is usually how long you can keep that promise. It’s easier if you have some basic concepts in mind that help you develop better habits for grocery shopping, meal preparation, and of course eating. Try these tips for a healthier, diet-smart New Year.
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