Living Donor Program

Living Donor Program

Amanda and Adam Chapman hugging
June 10, 2024

Amanda and Adam Chapman: a love story with a twist

Amanda knew that Adam had Goodpasture syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder that causes the body to make antibodies that attack the lungs and kidneys. “When I turned 18, Adam got really sick and was in and out of the hospital a lot,” Amanda recalled. “Ultimately, we were told that he needed a kidney transplant.”
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Headshot of Cliff Booth
May 10, 2024

Living kidney donor Clifton Booth sheds light on his gift of life

Clifton Booth had long considered becoming a living kidney donor, but he wasn’t sure it was the right course of action for him. Then, in fall 2017, he encountered an acquaintance who had been a donor and encouraged Booth to consider it.
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a visitor holds a patient in a hospital beds hand
July 3, 2023

Living Donor Navigator Program Testimonials

Participants share their experiences in the UAB Living Donor Navigator Program. Read their testimonials below.
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November 2, 2022

Living Donor Program

What is Living Kidney Donation?The Living Kidney Donation Program at UAB enables a healthy individual to donate a kidney to someone in need of a transplant – the surgical placement of a healthy human kidney into the body of a patient with kidney failure. Because of the lack of available deceased-donor organs, the Living Kidney […]
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Donate life
April 27, 2021

Living Donors Share the Value of a Priceless Gift

Due to a shortage of deceased-donor organs, living donation programs are a great way to meet the need for organs among those awaiting a transplant. Thanks to treatment advances by the UAB Medicine Comprehensive Transplant Institute (CTI) – along with a special program that helps donors navigate the transplant process – living kidney donation is easier than ever.
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Donate Life Month
April 12, 2021

How to Celebrate 2021 Donate Life Month

Through a month-long series of events and promotions, Legacy of Hope (formerly the Alabama Organ Center) recognizes National Donate Life Month in April. The celebration, established by Donate Life America to raise awareness about organ donation, will showcase the various perspectives of families and individuals touched by donation and transplantation.
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