Temporary Keratoprothesis with Victrectomy

Temporary keratoprothesis with vitrectomy (TKP) is an advanced combined corneal and retinal surgery designed to treat advanced corneal and or retinal eye disease. The procedure overcomes the difficulty of operating on an eye whose cornea has become cloudy. In many cases, TKP is the only option for preserving or restoring vision following serious eye injury or the development of corneal and/or retinal eye disease. TKP is the most extensive surgery that can be performed on the eye.

Very few eye centers in the nation perform TKP surgery, but the experts at UAB Callahan Eye Hospital do so regularly. In fact, most of the techniques used in TKP surgery were pioneered and/or perfected at UAB Callahan Eye Hospital, and patients often travel long distances to Callahan for this procedure. TKP requires dedicated eye operating rooms, two separate surgical teams working together, and highly skilled eye surgery support personnel.

Our specialists utilize the most advanced technology and work together to treat the full range of both common and complex cornea conditions. Patients come here from around the nation because we don’t just treat eye disease – we empower patients with the ability to adapt to changes in their vision with comprehensive care and rehabilitation services.

Callahan is the only full-service facility in Alabama specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of the eye and one of only a few worldwide that is entirely devoted to advancements in ophthalmology. That reputation is supported by 16 operating rooms dedicated to eye surgery and a 24/7 eye emergency room that is the region’s only Level I Ocular Trauma Center. More than 11,000 surgeries are performed at UAB Callahan Eye Hospital each year, and we conduct more reconstructive eye procedures than any other facility in the world.

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