Specialty Pharmacy Services

UAB Specialty Pharmacy Services knows that managing chronic or rare conditions can be challenging on your own. Our pharmacists are here to work with you and your UAB physicians to support you every step of the way in getting the medications you need.

Why use UAB Specialty Pharmacy Services?

  • Expertise: Your physicians trust our services to provide coordinated care for your specialty medication prescriptions.
  • Personal care: Our specialty pharmacists work alongside your physicians to understand your care plan and are experts in your condition and medication therapy.
  • Education and counseling: We will discuss your specialty prescriptions with you, including what to expect and any potential side effects, before you start taking them.
  • Individualized therapy management: We provide complete therapy management programs for a number of medical specialties and conditions, including cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C, inflammatory conditions, neurology, oncology, and sickle cell disease.
  • Access to experts: We are always easy to reach with questions or concerns about your medications. Our clinical pharmacists work within their specialty clinic and are available whenever you visit your physician.
  • Refill reminders: We’ll call to remind you about your refills then ship them to you free, so you never miss a dose.
  • Financial counseling: We have social workers on site, as well as specialists who can help you with insurance coverage questions, research co-pay assistance, and identify alternate funding sources to help pay for your prescriptions.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm CST
Closed all major holidays unless otherwise announced

Contact: 1-855-292-6330 or 205-996-3300 Fax: 205-996-1478
*Pharmacists available after hours

Prescription Formats Accepted: Your doctor may send us your prescriptions or you may drop them off at either The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital Pharmacy or UAB Specialty Pharmacy.

How to File a Complaint:

  • UAB Hospital Pharmacy leadership and staff are committed to providing excellent patient care and customer service. Patient care and services shall be rendered in a manner which prevents complaints, however if complaints or grievances arise, they shall be managed appropriately and resolved in a timely manner. Within 5 calendar days of receiving a complaint/grievance, the patient or patient’s representative shall be notified that it has been received and is being investigated. This can be done verbally by phone, email, fax or via letter format.
  • Within 14 calendar days, the patient or patient’s representative shall be provided with written notification of the results of the investigation.

Link to email to file complaint: specpharmsvcs@uabmc.edu or call the pharmacy that dispensed your prescription directly:
The Kirklin Clinic 205-801-8730 or The UAB Specialty Pharmacy 205-934-2661. If you feel the need to discuss your concerns, dissatisfaction or complaints with a party other than UAB Medicine staff, please feel free to contact the Alabama Board of Pharmacy. You can call their office at 205-981-2280 during the hours of 8am-4pm CST, or visit their website at albop.com for more information. You may also file complaints with our accreditation body, ACHC. You can reach the ACHC Complaints Department at 855-937-2242.

Specialty Pharmacy Services Resources

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