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The next generation of health care began more than 100 years ago, when doctors first began classifying various blood types. Today this body of medical knowledge is staggering, thanks to the growth of large-scale biologic databases such as the human genome sequence, powerful ways of evaluating patients and targeting individual genes, and technology that allows us to analyze huge volumes of data. This new level of knowledge and accuracy is the driving force behind precision medicine, an advanced approach to health care that combines the absolute latest in prediction & prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

UAB Precision Medicine considers your individual characteristics, from family and medical history to lifestyle and environmental factors, and we leverage those findings with the most advanced genomic testing and disease screenings. This creates a comprehensive personal profile that we use to predict your risk of disease, more accurately diagnose your medical condition, and tailor a treatment or prevention plan that is most effective for you. We’ve also established a network of counseling services and other resources to help you understand the results and make the most informed medical decisions.

Precision medicine is the future of health care, and UAB Medicine is proud to be the first and only health system in Alabama to offer precision medicine services as part of your overall care.

Prediction & Prevention

The best fight is the one you avoid. UAB Medicine understands that predicting and preventing disease are just as important as treating it, so our Precision Medicine program begins with understanding you.


Treating disease begins with an accurate diagnosis. That can be challenging given that there are at least 6,500 extremely rare diseases, some affecting only a handful of people in the world.


Every body is different. A drug or therapy that works well for one person may prove ineffective or even harmful in another patient. UAB Precision Medicine evaluates your individual characteristics.

The Future of Precision Medicine

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