Facial Nerve Clinic

UAB Medicine operates the only facial nerve program in Alabama and one of the first in the southeast. Our Facial Nerve Clinic is staffed by a team of physicians and medical professionals with expertise in treating facial nerve injuries and disorders. As one of the largest medical centers in the southeast, UAB is equipped to treat a wide range of conditions that affect facial nerve function, including:

  • Infectious diseases (Bell’s palsy, Ramsay Hunt syndrome)
  • Trauma (facial and head trauma, temporal bone trauma, surgical or radiation damage)
  • Cancers and tumors (schwannomas, neuromas, parotid tumors, skin cancer, skull base tumors)
  • Congenital issues (Moebius syndrome, palsies related to birth trauma)
  • Conditions of unknown origin and facial palsies (paralysis/tremors)

UAB’s Facial Nerve Clinic combines cutting-edge therapies for facial nerve disorders with rehabilitation, condition management, and surgical repair. Our experienced team includes microvascular surgeons, craniofacial surgeons, radiologists, advanced practice providers, rehabilitation therapists, nurses, and other specialists who use the most advanced technology to diagnose and manage facial nerve conditions. After an initial assessment, patients receive same-day testing and/or treatment if necessary. We work closely with your other providers to develop a personalized treatment plan that best fits your needs.

What to Expect at Your Visit: After scheduling your appointment, you will be sent a questionnaire via email. Please fill it out prior to your visit and bring it with you or email it back to us. This information will be used by your care team to evaluate your injury or condition.

When you first arrive at your appointment, you will be photographed and video recorded, which helps the team assess your status and monitor your progress. You will be asked to sign a release that allows UAB to use your photographs, videos, and information for educational purposes. Finally, you will meet your care team for further assessment and to plan the next steps, which may include a same-day therapy evaluation and follow-up therapy sessions. The clinic is only held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, so it is important that you keep your scheduled appointments.

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