Comprehensive Skull Base Program

The UAB Comprehensive Skull Base Program provides the latest and most advanced care for patients with tumors or defects in the skull base, sinuses, and brain. We offer the full range of treatment options, from open surgery to minimally invasive procedures such as mini-craniotomy, eyebrow approaches, and extended endoscopic endonasal approaches, by which tumors can be removed through the nose and sinuses. We also offer noninvasive treatment options such as stereotactic radiosurgery, a form of precisely focused radiation.

The types of tumors and disorders we treat include:

  • Acoustic neuroma/vestibular schwannoma
  • Encephalocele and cerebrospinal fluid leaks
  • Meningiomas of the skull base
  • Chordoma
  • Chondrosarcoma of the skull base
  • Pituitary tumors
  • Tumors of the ear and inner ear
  • Cholesterol granuloma
  • Sinus tumors
  • Glomus tumors/paraganglioma

UAB Medicine is a leader in treating tumors and other disorders of the skull base, and we offer direct scheduling for the convenience of our patients. The UAB departments of Neurosurgery and Otolaryngology use a team-based approach to provide excellent results using the least invasive methods possible.

We offer truly comprehensive care, working with other UAB Medicine specialties and clinics, such as Endocrinology and the Pituitary Disorders Clinic. We also work closely with the Department of Radiation Oncology, which is staffed by the region’s most experienced radiation oncologists in treating complex skull base tumors. Patient care is supported by in-house audiologists, vestibular rehabilitation specialists (experts in improving balance and reducing dizziness), and speech and language experts, all of whom are dedicated to helping patients achieve maximum recovery from surgery or other treatments as quickly as possible.

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  • Suboccipital Surgery for Acoustic Neuroma
    Suboccipital Surgery for Acoustic Neuroma
  • Pituitary Tumor
    Pituitary Tumor
  • Acoustic Neuroma
    Acoustic Neuroma
  • Pituitary Tumor Surgery (Transsphenoidal Approach)
    Pituitary Tumor Surgery (Transsphenoidal Approach)
  • Meet the Team- Jessica Grayson, MD
    Meet the Team: Jessica Grayson, MD

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