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What support services does UAB offer to me as a patient?

Any of the services below can be requested by dialing *55 from any UAB Medicine phone or speaking with your nurse.

Sometimes you and your care team face difficult decisions and may be uncertain about the “right” thing to do. An ethics consultant can help with questions surrounding advance directives, making medical decisions if the patient is unable to do so, and resolving disagreements about treatment plans. Anyone can request a consultation.

We provide Spanish interpretation services in house and translation for more than 240 languages by phone or iPad. After discharge, patients have access to Spanish, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, French, Japanese, and Russian interpreters through the UAB Medicine Interpreter Access Line. These interpreters can help you change or cancel appointments, answer billing questions, and assist with other questions by calling 1-855-938-0669.

Tell your care team if you have served in the military, so we can plan the best care for you. Visit to find health information and resources for military personnel and their families.

Lactation services are located on the 6th floor of the UAB Women & Infants Center in room 6110. This area includes private pumping stations that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for nursing moms. You will need to provide your own pumping kit that is compatible with the Medela Symphony pump. We can provide additional information about other pumping rooms throughout the hospital and medical campus.

We provide auxiliary aids and services to patients who are deaf or hearing-impaired, including on-site live interpreters and a Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) system. VRI brings American Sign Language-certified interpreters to the bedside via video and is available immediately to patients 24/7. On-site interpreters for outpatient clinic visits can be scheduled when making an appointment. We coordinate on-site interpreters for non-scheduled patient needs as quickly as possible based on the availability of our live interpreters. For any questions about interpreter services or to request an interpreter, please contact Guest Services via email at or by phone at 205-934-CARE or *55 from any hospital phone. 

UAB Medicine offers several ways you can receive help in different situations. You may reach UAB Guest Services, a patient advocate, or a patient and guest escort by dialing *55 from any hospital telephone (from outside the hospital, dial 205-934-2273). In addition, you may ask any nurse or other staff member to make the call. We are here to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible and to provide exceptional service. If you have any problems, or if there is anything you need, we will help find a solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us during your stay.

Our patient advocate team is here to assist you with anything you need during your stay, including any concerns about safety and security. Oftentimes, a patient advocate will meet with you on your day of admission to give you contact information and educate you about the Patient Advocate department. You may also reach your patient advocate by dialing *55 from any UAB Medicine phone.

UAB Spiritual Health provides chaplains 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer emotional and spiritual support specific to your faith and religious tradition. Please speak to your nurse or dial *55 to request a visit by a chaplain, or contact UAB Spiritual Health at 205-934-4254 between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday.

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