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How will my pain be managed while in UAB Hospital?

At UAB we have two main goals for treating your pain: 

  1. Help you heal faster by lowering your pain and making you comfortable enough to do everyday things. When pain is really bad, it can affect your healing, so please tell us if you have pain, because it is important to your recovery.
  2. Create a pain plan that helps lower your pain and keeps you safe. Pain medicines have side effects that can make healing harder and slower, so at UAB we use “multimodal analgesia”, which uses smaller doses of different kinds of pain medicines and non-medication therapies to lower your pain and minimize side effects. Some non-medication therapies you can ask for to help control your pain include movement, distraction and relaxation therapies, hot or cold therapy, and our CARE channel, which offers relaxing images and music to help sooth discomfort and pain.

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