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Are there quiet areas for downtime that my family can visit?

We know that hospitalization can be emotionally and spiritually challenging for patients, families, and guests. The following quiet spaces are available 24/7 for relaxation, meditation, or prayer:

  • Healing Garden (5th floor North Pavilion)
  • Limbaugh Garden (in front of UAB Women & Infants Center)
  • Interfaith chapels for private prayer and meditation
    • West Pavilion – 1st floor
    • UAB Women & Infants Center – 2nd floor
    • UAB Hospital-Highlands – 4th floor
  • Sanctuary for meditation and prayer
    • North Pavilion – 2nd floor

Our Spiritual Health team is available at all times to provide emotional and spiritual support specific to your faith and spiritual tradition. Please contact your nurse or dial *55 to request a visit. We also offer weekly faith-based worship services in the West Pavilion Interfaith Chapel (1st floor). For more information, visit UAB Spiritual Health or call 205-934-4254 during weekday business hours.

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