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What It Means to Be Legally Blind, and How UAB Can Help

We all know what it means to be blind. You can’t see. But is it that simple? Did you know that there are degrees of blindness? According to the legal definition, a person can have some vision and yet be considered legally blind. This article explores that definition and highlights some of the...

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital & Clinics Holiday Closings

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital & Clinics will be closed on the following days. Our 24/7 Emergency Department will remain open: Monday, December 24 Tuesday, December 25 Monday, December 31 Tuesday, January 1 Due to these closures, patients are encouraged to request...

A Clear Decision: Cataract Detection and Removal

It may be difficult to distinguish cataract progression from other age-related vision changes. Comprehensive eye exams – which can detect not only cataracts but many other eye conditions, too – are recommended every two years for adults age 40-64 and annually for everyone 65 or...