UAB Medicine Launches Upgraded Website

Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Using Laptop At Home Together has a new look and feel, thanks to a major upgrade that provides a smarter and more user-friendly online experience for patients and other visitors.

We kept the things that worked well – key menu choices such as the Patient Portal, UAB eMedicine, and Make an Appointment remain front and center on the new homepage, and frequently used features still offer easy access. But we also made some important improvements for users, including:

  • Mobile-friendly: The website now works just as well on mobile devices as on desktop computers, making it much easier to get directions, find a doctor, or login to the patient portal when away from your computer.
  • Easier to use: Design changes include a cleaner appearance, a smarter and more legible navigation menu, and better organization of site content.
  • Dynamic features: The more interactive site showcases captivating video, engaging icons, and color changes in response to user input, all of which provide a better browsing experience.
  • Better searches: The search function delivers faster and more useful results.

This upgrade to UAB Medicine’s website was designed to help patients and visitors, referring providers, job-seekers, and other users connect with us more easily. We encourage everyone to check out the new website, and be on the lookout for even more improvements later in 2023.

Thank you for using!

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