UAB Medicine Joins National Observation to Recognize Certified Medical Assistants

October 20 is National Medical Assistants Day, which highlights the important work that certified medical assistants (CMAs) do in clinics and hospitals nationwide. Join UAB Medicine in recognizing the excellence of our own CMA staff and their crucial role in our mission to deliver the highest quality, most compassionate care possible.

CMAs work alongside physicians and other medical professionals in ambulatory care offices and clinics, providing clinical and administrative support. They are educated and tested in a wide range of general, clinical, and administrative responsibilities. CMAs carry out numerous administrative tasks, such as organizing and maintaining patient records, and they take on a variety of clinical duties, such as prepping patients for exams, performing basic lab tests, and obtaining medical histories. Through those tasks and many others, CMAs ensure that our internal processes run smoothly.

Kimberly Payne, associate vice president of Ambulatory Services, says their multitude of critical skills places CMAs among the most versatile and essential members of any health care team.

“Certified medical assistants are trained to perform both clinical and administrative duties, allowing them to help wherever they are needed most,” Payne says. “Our CMAs are warm and welcoming, which helps set a positive tone for the entire patient experience. I am so excited to celebrate this group of phenomenal employees. From the bottom of my heart, I want them to know they are appreciated.”

Jennifer Kelley, MSN, RN, senior director for OB/GYN Ambulatory Services, agrees that CMAs are critical members of health care teams. She says they often are the first and last members to interact with patients and therefore have a lasting impact on the patient experience.

“It is my pleasure to recognize and honor our certified medical assistants,” Kelley says. “They perform critical tasks such as administering medications and injections, phlebotomy, performing EKGs, triage, and vital sign intake for appointments. We are better together because of the tremendous support and care they provide to patients, to their families, and to our teams. I want to say ‘thank you’ to all of our CMAs for what they do and give every day.”

Learn more about our CMAs and working at UAB Medicine.

2021 CMA Day Celebrations

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