Q&A with new UAB Medicine Physical Therapist JaMichael Nash

JaMichael Nash

A recent UAB graduate in physical therapy, JaMichael Nash answers questions about his first months as part of the UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center (SRC) team.

What has your experience as an SRC inpatient rehab therapist been like so far?

My experience at SRC has been like a return home. I was a rehab tech here before I chose to come back as a full-time PT. My assigned mentor has a lot of experience and education that has been beneficial as a new grad. Everyone is so helpful, and I feel that everyone here wants you to succeed. I cannot stress enough how much everyone treats you as an equal regardless of experience level.

What were some things that attracted you to join the team?

I feel like I have the opportunity to become the kind of therapist that I genuinely want to be. It is clearly communicated that I must be proficient, but I don’t experience any stress of feeling micro-managed. Also, UAB has a well-known reputation and is recognized by peers across the region. I have known quite a few therapists affiliated with Spain Rehab Center who have made reputable contributions to the world of rehab. I feel like working at SRC will provide opportunities for advancement in the future.

Mentorship is an important part of clinical skill development. Can you describe your mentorship experience so far?

My mentorship experience has been very helpful and continues as I grow. Complex patients have been added to my caseload, so I have requested additional mentoring to help me plan therapeutic interventions and advise my plan of care. This mentoring is in addition to what I received during my initial onboarding.

Do you have any advice for upcoming graduates? Why should SRC be at the top of their list of employers?

I would recommend that all new grads seek an opportunity with SRC. Expectations are demanding but reasonable. I learn to be extremely productive while also having the chance to be the therapist I was taught to be in school. Also, you are surrounded by a wide range of rehab knowledge that will make you proficient in many therapy settings.

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