Patient Healthcare Coordination Center Nurses Enjoy Teamwork, Gratification, and Positive Outcomes

If you’re an RN looking for a new challenge and an alternative to bedside nursing, check out the UAB Medicine Patient Healthcare Coordination Center (PHCC). You will utilize your nursing assessment skills and act autonomously to triage calls from patients, caregivers, and other health care team members while working at a fast but steady pace which can be a welcome change from the floor. Although you are not at the bedside providing hands-on patient care, you still have meaningful interactions with patients. Our nurses also work in other areas of telehealth nursing, such as remote patient monitoring and care coordination.

Carrie Brown finds the job gratifying.

“I love working here because it is gratifying to help patients prepare for a procedure they may not be looking forward to. I really enjoy helping them be successful in preparing and taking this positive step to possibly prevent colon cancer or to get a diagnosis for a problem they’ve been having.”

Stacey Sell loves the leadership support and teamwork.

“I started at the PHCC in June and never looked back. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Our leaders are amazing and motivational. They let us know when things could be improved, but they are very positive in their approach. I have just been given the opportunity to work remotely. I love the workflow and the management style we are working with. I have been a nurse for 30 years, and I think I finally have a job I will stay at to finish my career. There are busy days here and some frustrations, as with any job, but the management style and approach are fantastic. They hear my concerns and address them when needed.”

Ellen Pitt enjoys feeling appreciated and supported.

“After 35 years as a nurse, I have found the right job that I know I will keep until I retire. These days, it is certainly a great feeling to have a job where I know I’m appreciated and supported by my management team. I feel so lucky to have a job I enjoy.”

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