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In-Person Recruitment Events Are Back

The UAB Medicine Human Resources recruitment team has been busy attending recruitment events of all kinds this year – for nurses and pharmacy technicians to events for radiologic technologists, physical therapists, and everything in between. Everyone has been eager to get back out into the community to recruit face to face with potential candidates, marking a welcome change from the virtual events conducted during the first two years of the pandemic.

Recruitment events are just one of the many ways the employment staff connects with quality candidates, as part of a comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy that positions UAB Medicine among the leading employers in the region. These events are great for networking and connecting with potential employees, in an environment where they are enthusiastic about future career opportunities.

UAB Medicine Recruitment

“It has been so invigorating and exciting getting back into live events and meeting potential candidates,” says Director of Employment Services Traci McArdle, RN, BSN. “Not only has our team grown during the last two years, our organization’s hiring needs have also changed drastically, as they have across the health care industry. Our team has been so eager to return to in-person recruitment events, which are a great way to connect with job-seekers and students.”

UAB Medicine’s staff of recruiters and employment specialists – along with hiring managers across the organization – have attended countless career fairs, classroom visits, guest lectures, discussion panels, conferences, and hiring events this year, representing UAB Medicine both near and far. There are no photos from the first two years of the pandemic, as UAB Medicine maintained an ongoing virtual event presence to continue supporting the hiring needs of our organization. Our organization has hosted many virtual hiring events since 2020, and this year we’ve held more than 145 events with more scheduled. The photos linked below show the friendly faces of our team members in action this year, telling potential candidates about the many reasons to join our nationally ranked organization.

We hope we were able to meet you this fall! If we haven’t met you at a recent recruitment event, we look forward to meeting you at a future recruitment event near you.

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