Family of Kidney Transplant Patient Makes Legacy Gift

UAB Medicine patient Kevin Russell received a kidney transplant in 1991 at the age of 27. This life-giving operation helped him live almost two more decades, to the age of 45, leading his family to make a legacy gift to the UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute in 2020. Kevin was the youngest of five children who grew up on a farm outside of Opp, Ala. According to his brother, Mike, coming to Birmingham for the transplant and care was coming to the big city for his family. Although it could be overwhelming, Mike says they were always met with great care and compassion by the UAB team. The family was so thankful for this care that his parents, Maxwell D. Russell and Finnis Juanita Russell, honored their experience with a legacy gift to support the great work of the CTI.

“UAB added years to my kid brother’s life and greatly enhanced his quality of life,” Mike says. “On multiple occasions, UAB’s knowledge, skills, and compassion stabilized and revitalized his health. The years, and the quality of those years, were a blessing not only to Kevin but also to Mom and Dad and the rest of his family and friends. It would be wonderful if this success story could revitalize hope, as the bequest assists UAB in providing care. The men and women of UAB worked tirelessly and selflessly, and their efforts made a profound difference. They were (and continue to be) superstars.”

For information on making a legacy gift, please contact Director of Planned Giving Kimberley Coppock at 205-975-5970 or Visit to learn more.

Source: UAB News

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