DAISY Winner – Natalja Deineko, RN

DAISY Winner – Natalja Deineko, RN

March 13, 2020

DAISY Award winner, Natalja Deineko, RN

Congratulations to this month’s winner, Natalja Deineko, RN!

What makes Natalja a DAISY winner

“Natalja is part of the House Calls Program at UAB Hospital-Highlands. She goes above and beyond for the patients every single day.  There have been several times she has prevented an ED admission by direct care.  One example, a patient of the program had a PEG tube that would not flush and they were unable to receive any nutrition or medications.  The patient was at the ED the previous week with the same issue.  A surgeon was called to remove the tubing and surgically place another.  A week later the patient’s family called Natalja, stating the tube was clogged again and they were going to the ED.  Natalja left work and went to the patient’s home, spent 2 hours unclogging the tube and was finally able to flush it successfully.  Not only will Natalja go above and beyond for house calls patients, but she will go to the home of clinic patients to assist patients in any way she can. 

Natalja’s tireless compassion, empathy and care makes a meaningful, lasting difference in the lives of her patients.”

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