DAISY Winner – Kylie Osiptsov, RN

We are pleased to announce this month’s UAB Medicine DAISY Award, recognizing the extraordinary care and compassion that nurses provide for patients and families every day. Submissions and stories are reviewed each month, and then the winner is surprised at a special ceremony. Click here to nominate a UAB Medicine nurse for the DAISY Award.

DAISY Winner: Kylie Osiptsov, RNMG_1716
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Congratulations to this month’s winner: Kylie Osiptsov, RN! What makes Kylie a DAISY winner?

“Kylie went above and beyond to bring a family together for a patient’s last minutes. We had a patient on my floor who was imminently dying and his wife was a patient at Spain Rehab Center. I called Kylie, the interim nurse manager, to see if she could help me get her patient (the wife) over to the main hospital to visit with my patient (the husband) before he passed away. Kylie immediately jumped in to get the MD’s permission and prep the wife to come over to main. Kylie even offered to wheel her over in a wheelchair herself. Kylie was on the way with her patient when they ran into the couple’s daughter in the hall. My patient, the husband, had been taken down to get an ultrasound. So, Kylie and the daughter took the wife back up to her room to wait until the husband was back.

When the husband returned to the floor, we knew he did not have much time left. I called Kylie and let her know that the family needed to come over as quickly as possible. Kylie prepped them, got the wife ready, brought her chart and rounds summary, and rushed the family over to be with the husband as quickly as she could. She waited with the family while my patient passed away and then offered her cell phone number if the family or our staff needed anything from her that evening since she was going home.

Kylie went above and beyond her duties so this family could spend the husband’s last few minutes together and then offered more of her time to ensure that her patient was taken care of and supported in her time of loss. It is my privilege to nominate Kylie Osiptsov for the Daisy Award.”

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