DAISY Winner – John White, RN

We are pleased to announce the most recent UAB Medicine DAISY Award, recognizing the extraordinary care and compassion that nurses provide for patients and families every day. Submissions and stories are reviewed each month, and then the winner is surprised at a special ceremony. You can submit a DAISY nurse nomination using the online form.

DAISY Award winner: John White

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Congratulations to the most recent winner: John White, RN! What makes John a DAISY winner?

“On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, John White, RN, entered a restaurant in Warrior, Ala. After sitting down to eat his breakfast, he looked over and noticed there were people standing around a person. He went over and checked the individual’s pulse. The person was not breathing and didn’t have a pulse. John immediately assisted the individual to the floor and began chest compressions while someone called 911.

The Warrior Fire Department responded, yet John continued to assist with patient care. With John’s assistance the individual was able to regain a pulse. The person was transported to the UAB Hospital Emergency Department for continued care where they were admitted. After a short stay, the patient was able to be discharged and walk out of the hospital.

I am so proud of the immediate response from John. Because of his immediate response and jumping into action, this likely had a huge impact in this patient’s survival.”

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