DAISY Winner – Amanda Haywood, RN

We are pleased to announce the most recent UAB Medicine DAISY Award, recognizing the extraordinary care and compassion that nurses provide for patients and families every day. Submissions and stories are reviewed each month, and then the winner is surprised at a special ceremony. Click here to nominate a UAB Medicine nurse for the DAISY Award.

DAISY Winner - Amanda Haywood, RN
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Congratulations to the most recent winner: Amanda Haywood, RN! What makes Amanda a DAISY winner?

Two girls recently arrived at the Emergency Department (ED) via ambulance accompanying their critically ill family member (their guardian) who passed away that day while at UAB. This family was going on a trip to spread the ashes of the girls’ mother who recently passed away. The ill family member woke up that morning suddenly feeling short of breath and had one of the girls call 911. This one day will, undoubtedly, be the worst day of these girls’ lives, but I know they will forever remember their angel, Amanda Haywood, assistant nurse manager of the Emergency Department at UAB Hospital.

Amanda took these two girls in that day and tried to make them feel as comfortable and loved as possible. Amanda cleared out the consult room and placed recliners and blankets for the girls to rest. She made sure a patient care tech (PCT) always stayed with them so they would not be alone. With help from the PCT, Amanda arranged for the girls to go for a walk to Chick-fil-A so they could have different scenery. Then, she paid for them to have lunch and also provided them with doughnuts.

Overall, Amanda cared immensely for these girls while they were alone in the ED and deeply felt the pain of the situation, but she never gave up on making sure those girls felt loved and were taken care of on one of the worst days of their lives.”

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