DAISY Award Winner – Abigail Wojciechwski, RN

We are pleased to announce this month’s UAB Medicine DAISY Award, recognizing the super-human work that nurses do for patients and families every day. Submissions and stories are reviewed each month, and then the winner is surprised at a special ceremony. You can submit a DAISY nurse nomination using the box on your unit.

Daisy Winner Abigail Wojciechwski

Congratulations to this month’s winner, Abigail Wojciechwski, RN! What makes Abigail a DAISY winner?

“Abby works dayshift in the ER. We would like to recognize her for her outstanding compassion that she displayed. She had just gotten off work from the ER and was running errands, when she came upon a wreck on Highway 280. She stopped and noticed by-standers doing CPR on someone and she jumped in to help out with chest compressions and care until Birmingham Fire and Rescue came on scene. Abby left her car on the side of the road and rode in the ambulance to help care for the critical patient while they were being transported to the hospital. Abby was due to come back to work the next day. She showed compassion and owned it! She deserves to be recognized!”

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