2023 APP Champion Award winners

The Advanced Practice Provider Executive Council (APPEC), in collaboration with the APP Central Office, presented the first APP Champion Awards this week. This new award recognizes exceptional UAB Medicine APPs who exemplify our Core Values and drive excellence across the organization.

Catherine Brown, associate vice president of UAB Advanced Practice Providers, reflected on the quality of the candidates nominated. “I was quite impressed with the more than 70 APPs nominated for this inaugural award. Many of these individuals were nominated multiple times by their peers, physician and administrative leadership, clinical faculty, and residents,” she said. “This is a testament to the character of these incredible individuals who support our delivery of exceptional care for Alabamians and beyond.”

Christina Cyriac, chair of the APPEC, said, “Bestowing the inaugural APP Champion Awards to the APP winners this week has been a highlight of my career as a PA at UAB; to recognize the excellence, dedication, and hard work of my peers has been a great honor. Congratulations to all the inaugural APP Champion Award winners.”

Inaugural Award Winners

  • Pete Blankenhorn, Emergency Medicine
  • Hayley Entrekin, Primecare
  • Judith Konecny, Anesthesia
  • Scott Kopf, Pulmonary Critical Care
  • Lanier O’Hare, Pulmonary Ambulatory
  • Molly Miller, Diagnostic Radiology
  • Mikael Saway, ENT
  • Andrew Sullivan, Peri-operative Medicine
  • Eric Walker, Palliative Medicine
  • Jennifer Williams, Kidney Transplant
2023 APP Champion Award winners

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