Measures of Timely and Effective Care

Health care organizations should provide care that is rooted in the best evidence from research, a practice known as evidence-based medicine. Many of the best-evidence guidelines are dependent on meeting particular timeframes during the delivery of health care services. Timely care measures show how well health care organizations plan for and provide services at the right time. Maintaining that focus to stay current with advances in health care science from research can be challenging, but as an academic medical center, we have a passion for being at the forefront of research, development, and implementation into medical practice.

Measures of timely and effective care typically are based upon the health care organization providing specific best-evidence medical testing and treatments at the appropriate time, based upon the patient’s illness or condition.



Blood Clot Prevention


Cancer Care


Colonoscopy Follow-up


Emergency Department Care


Pregnancy and Delivery Care


Preventive Care


Sepsis Care