For a consultation or to refer a patient to the UAB Neurosurgery Program, (1) complete the  referral form and (2) submit the completed form along with any imaging reports and/or clinic notes to the fax number or address listed at the top of the form. For your convenience, you may upload any required images via our HIPAA-compliant image portal. Our scheduling team will send your referral package to the nearest neurosurgeon for review and will call you to set an appointment date and time. If you prefer an appointment with one of our Advanced Practice Providers (PA or NP) or the first-available medical doctor or APP, please indicate that choice on the referral form. Typically, these type of appointments are available within one week.

For urgent referrals or inpatient transfers, call 1-800-UAB-MIST (800-822-6478).



UAB Medicine’s nationally recognized neurosurgery faculty are subspecialty trained and perform over 5,000 procedures annually. We work to advance the field through research and evidence-based care for brain tumors, spinal disorders, neurovascular disorders, functional and movement disorders, epilepsy, and many pediatric conditions. Our program also treats stroke, intracranial hemorrhages, traumatic brain and spine injuries, congenital and acquired hydrocephalus, Chiari malformations, and other congenital disorders. Patients benefit from the latest endoscopic, radiosurgical, and minimally invasive treatment options, and we collaborate with specialists from neurology, radiation oncology, otolaryngology, endocrinology, trauma surgery, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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