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What alternative therapies do you offer?

Our Rehabilitation Services and Guest Services departments offer a variety of alternative therapies to help ease your pain, lift your spirits, and promote healing. You or a member of your care team may request a music therapist, who can provide live, patient-preferred music at the bedside. In partnership with local non-profit agency Hand in Paw, UAB Hospital offers pet therapy visits to patients, if your medical condition permits and with the approval of your doctor. Certified therapy dogs (and occasionally cats) and their handlers can visit patients to help combat boredom and loneliness and to provide a welcome distraction from medical procedures and other therapies. Art therapy and massage therapy programs also can be provided in patient rooms. To request or learn more about any of these programs, contact Guest Services by dialing *55 from any UAB Hospital phone, contact Volunteer Services at 205-934-4270, or speak with one of your caregivers.

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