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Welcome to UAB House Calls

How to Refer a Patient

Providers within the UAB Medicine system may refer using the IMPACT order “House Calls Referral, AMB” for outpatients, or use the ad hoc form “UAB House Calls Program, Referral” for inpatients. A direct message with additional details regarding the referral also may be sent to Natalja Deineko via the IMPACT Message Center.

External providers should call the House Calls team (205-930-7376) and a referral form will be faxed to you.

Program Highlights

UAB House Calls is a team of providers who bring quality health care services to people in their homes. Our patients are typically medically complex, functionally frail, and often face challenging social determinants that limit their ability to access primary care through usual means. Through this program, your patients will have access to doctors, nurse practitioners, a social worker, a nurse, a case manager, and certified medical assistants. Patients can be referred by their outpatient primary care doctor, a member of the care transitions team, or other health professionals following a recent hospitalization.

Services Provided

  • Evaluate the patient’s medical conditions, function, and social support system
  • Discuss the patient’s health goals and treatment options
  • Assist with advance care planning
  • Administer influenza, pneumonia, tetanus, shingles, and COVID vaccines
  • Perform imaging, labs, and other tests as needed in the home
  • Refer to home health and hospice agencies as needed
  • Refer for home palliative care as needed
  • Coordinate specialty referrals as needed and communicate/streamline care with other involved care providers

Goals for Patients

  • To provide primary or transitional care in the home setting
  • To improve/stabilize health and function and optimize quality of life through disease and symptom management and safe prescribing of medications
  • To address social determinants of health through psychosocial assessments and connection with community resources
  • To develop care plans that align with patient and family care goals
  • To recognize and support caregivers experiencing strain
  • To reduce ER visits and hospitalizations
  • For patients nearing end of life, to provide appropriate support and resources to allow death in their preferred setting

Program Requirements for Patients

  • Must reside within 30 miles of UAB Hospital
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be homebound

For more information about UAB House Calls, please call 205-930-7376 between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Thank You for Considering UAB House Calls

UAB House Calls delivers personalized primary care services to frail, homebound adult patients who live within 30 miles of UAB Hospital, in their private residence or in a retirement community setting. We also offer emotional support and address social determinants for our patients and their families and caregivers. We provide access to doctors, APPs, social workers, and CMAs. We can work with the patient’s existing primary care provider or serve in that role. House Calls is not a substitute for home health or hospice, but we can help coordinate those services.

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