Make an Appointment or Get a Second Opinion

Make an Appointment

If you have been diagnosed with a women’s condition, such as gynecologic cancer, a pelvic floor disorder, incontinence, infertility, or if you expect a high-risk pregnancy, trust the experts at UAB Medicine to manage your care.

To make an appointment, please call UAB HealthFinder at (205) 934-9999 or toll free 1-800-UAB-8816

An experienced UAB registered nurse will assist you Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm by:

  • Helping you choose the physician or service that best fits your needs;
  • Providing information about any UAB Medicine physician, health professional, or service;
  • Assisting you with making your appointment.

Second Opinion

Why a Second Opinion is Important

When you are diagnosed with or facing a women’s condition, it is important that an accurate diagnosis was made and that a proper treatment plan was developed. Seeking a second opinion is a great way to help reassure you that the first diagnosis is correct and that all treatment options have been explored. A second opinion for your women’s condition could result in a more effective treatment plan. As a major research center featuring the latest expertise and technology, UAB Medicine may be able to offer you advanced new therapies that aren’t available elsewhere in the community.

A second opinion gives you options. When it comes to cancer or any type of major medical problem, second opinions are invaluable. In a serious medical situation, it can put patients at ease to have choices.

Why most patients don't get a second opinion

Patients are often unaware that doctors consider second opinions routine, especially for serious medical conditions. Many people are worried that they will offend their doctor if they tell him or her they would like a second opinion. However, second opinions are vital to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your health care.

To make an appointment or schedule a second opinion, you can: