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Priscilla Fowler Red Eye Primary Care
The Red Eye: What Primary Care Physicians Need to Know

Priscilla Fowler, M.D. Assistant Professor and Director of the Cornea Service in the Department of Ophthalmology at UAB, discusses how easily "red eye" can be misdiagnosed. Through the presentation of several case studies, participants should be able to identify common misnomers of red eye presentations, differentiate red eye from other eye issues, and know when to refer a patient to an ophthalmologist.


Temporary Keratoprothesis Vitrectomy (TKP): An Innovative Procedure

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital is one of only a few facilities in the nation that performs temporary keratoprosthesis (TKP) surgery, which is the most advanced and complex of all eye trauma surgery procedures and the sole option for restoring vision in many cases. In fact, Callahan surgeons pioneered or perfected most of the techniques currently used in TKP surgery, and most of the long-distance or high-profile patient transfers to Callahan are related to its expertise in this procedure. C. Douglas Witherspoon, MD, discusses TKP and walks us through stabilization, surgery, and post-op care.

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Crawford Downs Optic Nerve Head Biomechanics
Optic Nerve Head Biomechanics

J. Crawford Downs, PhD, Professor and Vice-Chair Basic Science Research in the Department of Ophthalmology and Director of the Ocular Biomechanics and Biotransport Program at UAB, discusses how new findings in basic science research on ocular biomechanics relates to glaucoma pathogenesis. Emerging data on age and race disparities of current glaucoma patients will be presented along with new research related to the dynamics of intraocular pressure – a known risk factor for glaucoma. This research is relevant to anyone in the medical field who works with glaucoma patients.

Innovations in Pediatric Glaucoma Surgery

Christopher A. Girkin, MD, MSPH, FACS discuss pediatric glaucoma treatment outcomes with the innovative 360-degree trabeculotomy procedure.

2017 Ophthalmology Conference Video Series

State of UAB Callahan Eye Hospital
State of UAB Department of Ophthalmology

Christopher Girkin, MD, chair of the UAB Department of Ophthalmology at Callahan Eye Hospital, gives an overview of the department and the growth over the last few years, including the OR expansion and faculty and research growth.
Alumni Giving
Alumni Giving Overview

Morgan Quarles, Development Officer for the department of ophthalmology at UAB, reviews 2016 highlights in resident education support and NIH funding, and outlines goals and initiatives for 2020.
Early Results of Micropulse Trasscleral Cyclophotocoagulation
Early Results of Micropulse Trasscleral Cyclophotocoagulation

Adam Quinn, MD reviews the early results of the use of micropulse trasscleral cyclophotocoagulation in the treatment of glaucoma. In theory, micropulse provides a targeted treatment option that minimizes damaging effects of surrounding tissues.
Surgical Outcomes of Macular Pucker Peel
Surgical Outcomes of Macular Pucker Peel

Hongvan Le, MD discusses the surgical outcomes of macular pucker peel in patients with good preoperative vision.
Uveitis in Alabama
Uveitis in Alabama

Russell Read, MD, the Max and Lorayne Cooper Professor for Ophthalmology, provides a snapshot of types and referral patterns of uveitis within the catchment area of UAB Uveitis and Ocular Inflammatory Diseases Service, as well as ethnic variations seen in this data.
Femtosecond Laser Preparation of Individual Bowman Layer Transplant Grafts
Femtosecond Laser Preparation of Individual Bowman Layer Transplant Grafts

Kristen Jijelava, MD reviews a study examining the use a femtosecond laser versus manual dissection for preparation of individual bowman layer transplant grafts.
Initial Results of Liftegrast for Dry Eye Syndrome
Initial Results of Liftegrast for Dry Eye Syndrome

William Gannon, MD discusses a retrospective chart review that explored the effectiveness and optimal patient population of liftegrast for dry eye syndrome.
Utility of Lipiflow in the Treatment of OSD
Utility of Lipiflow in the Treatment of OSD

Elizabeth Keeble, MD, overviews a retroactive chart review study that evaluates the effect of Lipiflow on chronic ocular surface disease (OSD).

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