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The Business of Health Care Part III: Compliance & Compensation, Will you be successful?

How can you be more successful working in an environment where compliance consumes unprecedented resources? Chief of the Medical Staff Martin Heslin, MD, discusses the importance of embracing new arrangements to reduce expenses, engaging in bundled-payment discussions, using technology and other tools to strengthen communication with patients and improve follow-up care, and achieving more efficient documentation.

Interprofessional Team Models of Care

Kellie Flood, MD, and Marianthe Grammas, MD, discuss components and key outcomes of models of interprofessional teams and how interprofessional teams serve as the foundation for evidence-based care transition programs.

Martin Heslin Cost Control and Reimbursement
A Historical Look at Cost-Control & Reimbursement
Since Medicaid’s Sustainable Growth Rate formula was enacted in 1997, physicians have been adapting and improving to keep pace with cost-control efforts and their impact on compensation. In this video, Martin Heslin, MD explores how that model evolved into quality and satisfaction measures and reimbursement accountability, as implemented through CAHPS surveys and the more recent PQRS metrics.
Martin Heslin Doc Fix Law MACRA
Understanding MACRA, The New "Doc-Fix" Law
The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA, aka the “doc fix”) replaced the Sustainable Growth Rate formula, thereby avoiding feared cuts in provider payments. But it also brings significant changes in how Medicare pays physicians while accelerating the shift toward value-based reimbursement. Martin Heslin, MD highlights some of the pros and cons of the new law, including lump-sum payments and other alternative reimbursement models.
Brendan McGuire Hepatitis C
Overview of Hepatitis C
Dr. Brendan McGuire and colleagues present an overview of Hepatitis C, discussing the epidemiology of the disease, complications in patients, liver transplantation, current and future roles of therapies, and more.
Michael Saag Hepatitis C Treatment
The Eradication of Hepatitis C- The PCP's Role
Michael Saag, MD, provides valuable information and addresses common questions in the treatment of Hepatitis C, relative to Primary Care Physicians.