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Celebrating 50 Years of Collaboration

UAB Medicine has successfully completed more than 14,000 organ transplants since 1968, when we performed Alabama’s first kidney transplant. Today, our nationally ranked hospital performs heart, lung, liver, and kidney and pancreas transplants, as well as multi-organ procedures. During this past half-century, the UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute has pioneered many changes, including groundbreaking research, new medications, and innovative techniques that we use to treat your patients.

Organ transplants, however, are considered a last resort, so UAB’s transplant physicians and surgeons are dedicated to advancing medical management protocols and making use of cutting-edge technology as a bridge to transplant or even destination therapy. We maintain an active left ventricular assist device (LVAD) program, and a UAB cardiologist co-chaired the committee that drafted comprehensive guidelines for patients needing a mechanical circulatory support device. Our 20-year-old extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) program is the only one in the state and one of the busiest in the nation, and UAB serves as a regional referral center capable of providing technical services and consultations related to ECMO.

UAB continues to play an integral part in the longest living donor kidney transplant chain ever recorded, thanks in part to our innovative Living Donor Navigation Program. As a result of our groundbreaking work in xenotransplantation, we expect to soon take part in the first clinical trial focused on pig-to-human kidney transplants. We’ve also taken a lead role in kidney transplants for HIV-positive patients. And in 2015, UAB became the first medical center in Alabama to transplant the two lobes of a single donor liver into two adult recipients.

UAB Medicine’s commitment to the highest standards of care extends to our support for referring physicians and your patients. In the interest of greater transparency, the UAB Ambassador Program provides referring physicians the ability to follow your patients’ inpatient and outpatient visits to UAB via a secure, free, web-based EMR tool.


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