Why UAB Nursing

The mission of UAB nursing is to be the national leader in the practice of professional nursing: innovative, focused on improving quality, and relentless in our pursuit to deliver the highest quality care for every patient, every family, every time. Our commitment to excellence in all that we do is exactly why UAB nurses are seen as valued members of the care team and invited to participate on or lead many interdisciplinary teams and committees. We are respected, valued, and a voice for our patients.

Excellence in Nursing

There’s more to the small, gold pin on a UAB nurse’s badge than meets the eye. Part of the American Nurses Association, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) created the Magnet Recognition Program® to recognize nursing staffs for leadership, innovation, excellence of care, and empowerment of their nurses. UAB Hospital first achieved Magnet Status in 2002 and was recertified in 2006, 2011, 2015 and again in 2019. We were the 21st organization in the world to earn this honor five times, and we were first in Alabama and are currently the only one in our state. Magnet status means that UAB nurses are part of an elite group, and we wear our pins as a badge of honor.

Committed to Advancing Knowledge

The knowledge you acquire at UAB isn’t limited to your hands-on experience. We offer 100% tuition assistance at UAB to pursue your degree or an advanced diploma. Click to learn more about the undergraduate and graduate programs available at UAB and the School of Nursing. We provide a host of CEU offerings, from unit-based classes and in-service education to grand rounds and specialty seminars and conferences on site, plus we offer qualifying eligible nurses financial help to achieve professional certification.  

The previous requirement for obtaining a BSN is permanently waived for RN staff who become a member of our nursing team. Our education assistance program, with 100% assistance at UAB, will still be available to benefitted new employees interested in furthering their education.

UAB Center for Nursing Excellence

Throughout your career, UAB’s Center for Nursing Excellence is a dedicated resource to improve your practice. It’s our formal infrastructure for supporting evidence-based practices and research as well as partnerships and collaborative efforts at UAB, with UAB School of Nursing, and with other nurse service systems throughout our state, region, and beyond. The center also oversees our Nursing Practice Congress, part of our shared governance model, in which UAB nurses are active agents for change, bringing issues to the table, identifying goals, and testing and promoting evidence-based solutions to improve our organization.