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UAB Medicine Joins National Observation to Recognize Certified Medical Assistants

October 19 is National Medical Assistants Day, which highlights the important work that certified medical assistants (CMAs) do in clinics and hospitals nationwide. Join UAB Medicine in recognizing the excellence of our own CMA staff and their crucial role in our mission to deliver the highest quality, most compassionate care possible.

CMAs work alongside physicians and other medical professionals in ambulatory care offices and clinics, providing clinical and administrative support. They are educated and tested in a wide range of general, clinical, and administrative responsibilities. CMAs carry out numerous administrative tasks, such as organizing and maintaining patient records, and they take on a variety of clinical duties, such as prepping patients for exams, performing basic lab tests, and obtaining medical histories. Over 300 CMAs at UAB Medicine ensure that our internal processes run smoothly.

“CMAs (and CCMAs) work alongside our doctors, Advanced Practice Providers, nurses, and other health care professionals in a complex and fast-paced ambulatory environment,” says Associate Vice President of Ambulatory Services Kimberly Payne. “With a unique blend of technical and human skills, they perform vital clinical and administrative duties which support effective patient care. We are fortunate to have highly engaged CMAs who are dedicated to patient care, and I want to say to them on this special day, ‘thank you, thank you!’” 

Bridget McIntyre, MSHQS, BSN, RN, director for Ambulatory Services agrees that the work of our CMAs is essential to the organization. “They are an important part of the health care team and are instrumental in providing exceptional and efficient care to our patients,” she says. McIntyre conveys her gratitude for the dedication of UAB Medicine CMAs to “make a positive difference in the lives of others, every day.” 

Check out the pictures below of our CMAs celebrating this week.

2022 CMA Day Celebrations